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Get Healthy Lose Weight Podcast

Feb 5, 2019

Are you overwhelmed by the number of wellness retreats that seem to all offer the same thing? Do you think a wellness vacation should be more than a little bit of yoga, the promise of nutritious food and spa services?  Join celebrity fitness and holistic health coach Sonia Satra for her Live Life Like an Adventure retreat that uses adventure, fun and her science-based Moticise program to create powerful change. The newest wellness resort in the country, Civana Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, is the stunning setting for this desert adventure Feb. 7-10, 2019. Participants will step way out of their comfort zone, with outdoor activities like rappelling, kayaking, and hot air ballooning, designed to push past fear and limiting beliefs. Each activity helps women harness their power and tap her deepest resources – ones she didn't know she had. Through a mix of outdoor adventures and indoor mind/body fitness exercises the women learn to align their mental and physical powers to create a new vision for their life. Satra is a mindset and fitness thought leader who specializes in personal transformation by integrating the mind, body, and emotion to create lasting change.